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A ripple counter is an asynchronous counter in which the all the flops except the first are clocked by the output of the preceding flop.



module dff (   input d,
               input clk,
               input rstn,
               output reg q,
               output qn);
   always @ (posedge clk or negedge rstn)
      if (!rstn)
         q <= 0;
         q <= d;

   assign qn = ~q;

module ripple ( input clk,
                input rstn,
                output [3:0] out);
   wire  q0;
   wire  qn0;
   wire  q1;
   wire  qn1;
   wire  q2;
   wire  qn2;
   wire  q3;
   wire  qn3;
   dff   dff0 ( .d (qn0), 
                .clk (clk),
                .rstn (rstn),
                .q (q0),
                .qn (qn0));

   dff   dff1 ( .d (qn1), 
                .clk (q0),
                .rstn (rstn),
                .q (q1),
                .qn (qn1));

   dff   dff2 ( .d (qn2), 
                .clk (q1),
                .rstn (rstn),
                .q (q2),
                .qn (qn2));

   dff   dff3 ( .d (qn3), 
                .clk (q2),
                .rstn (rstn),
                .q (q3),
                .qn (qn3));

   assign out = {qn3, qn2, qn1, qn0};



Hardware Schematic


module tb_ripple;
   reg clk;
   reg rstn;
   wire [3:0] out;

   ripple r0   (  .clk (clk),
                  .rstn (rstn),
                  .out (out));

   always #5 clk = ~clk;

   initial begin
      rstn <= 0;
      clk <= 0;

      repeat (4) @ (posedge clk);
      rstn <= 1;

      repeat (25) @ (posedge clk);


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