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Till the previous stage we had defined and created everything required within the register environment. However which agent is responsible for driving these register transactions hadn't been defined.

class my_env extends uvm_env;
   `uvm_component_utils (my_env)
   my_agent       m_agent;   
   reg_env        m_reg_env;
   function new (string name = "my_env", uvm_component parent);
      super.new (name, parent);
   virtual function void build_phase (uvm_phase phase);
      super.build_phase (phase);
      m_agent = my_agent::type_id::create ("m_agent", this);
      m_reg_env = reg_env::type_id::create ("m_reg_env", this);

   virtual function void connect_phase (uvm_phase phase);
      super.connect_phase (phase);
      m_agent.m_mon.mon_ap.connect (m_reg_env.m_apb2reg_predictor.bus_in);
      m_reg_env.m_ral_model.default_map.set_sequencer (m_agent.m_seqr, m_reg_env.m_reg2apb);


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