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Topic Tag Description Download Youtube
Design 4x1 Mux Design a simple 4x1 multiplexer using assign and case statements; Develop testbench structure; Use $random Download -
Full Adder Design a 4-bit full adder and verify it using a simple testbench structure; Use for loop and delay statements Download -
JK Flip-Flop Design a JK Flip Flop using case statement; verify using a testbench; Use $monitor Download -
D Latch Design a D Latch using always block for combinational logic; Use variable delays in testbench Download -
Ripple Counter Design a 4-bit ripple counter using 4 DFF flop'd structure; Use repeat in testbench for clock cycles Download -
Priority Encoder Design a priority encoder using if-else-if construct; Use $random and for loop in testbench Download -
Shift Register Design a parameterized n-bit shift register, and verify using a testbench structure Download -


Topic Tag Description Download Youtube
Classes class-101 Basic class syntax, use of new() function and assignments to its properties and invocation of methods Download -
class-102 Basics of inheritance; how classes extend data and functions; how to access the inherited methods Download
class-103 Basics of polymorphism, effect of virtual keyword on functions Download
class-104 Basics of encapsulation; effect of local and protected keywords on inherited classes Download
class-105 What are pure and virtual classes, how they are declared and used Download


Topic Tag Description Download Youtube
Walkthrough uvm-101 Basic UVM testbench Download
uvm-201 Add a driver to drive transactions to the DUT Download
uvm-301 Add a sequencer and monitor to the testbench Download
uvm-401 Enable agent and scoreboard for a simple scenario Download
Basics modelsim Get UVM libraries and run a "Hello World" example in Modelsim Youtube
phases Build an env with multiple components; display a statement in all phases and see the order in which they are called Download Youtube
print Use an existing TB structure to try do_print() method, different print formats, and configuration knobs Download
report Use of `uvm_info and other macros, uvm_report_* methods to print different levels of verbosity Download
Advanced user-phase Example of how to create a new user phase, add into an existing schedule and execute the phase Download
virtual-sequencer Example of how to use virtual sequences and virtual sequencers in an environment with different agents Download
factory-overrides Example of how to use instance/type overrides on an existing testbench structure Download
queue Example of how to use uvm_queue class and its methods Download
TLM tlm-put TLM put() example, connects two components A and B; A sends a packet to B Download Youtube
tlm-get TLM get() example, connects two components A and B; B gets a packet from A Download Youtube
tlm-mult-get TLM get() example with three components B and C with A; B and C get a packet from A Download
tlm-fifo TLM FIFO example, connects two components A and B through a FIFO; A sends many packets to B Download Youtube
tlm-hier TLM hierarchy example, connects two components A and B through multiple hierarchies Download -
tlm-ap TLM analysis port example, connects component B with multiple subscribers and broadcasts packet to all of them Download -
tlm-socket TLM socket example, connects two components A and B via TLM2.0 sockets Download -

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