Consider the following practical examples typically encountered during actual projects.

Memory block randomization

Assume we have a 2KB SRAM in the design intended to store some data. Let's say that we need to find a block of addresses within the 2KB RAM space that can be used for some particular purpose.

block allocation in memory
class MemoryBlock;
  bit [31:0] 		m_ram_start; 			// Start address of RAM
  bit [31:0] 		m_ram_end; 				// End address of RAM
  rand bit [31:0] 	m_start_addr; 			// Pointer to start address of block
  rand bit [31:0]   m_end_addr; 			// Pointer to last addr of block
  rand int 			m_block_size; 			// Block size in KB
  constraint c_addr { m_start_addr >= m_ram_start; 	// Block addr should be more than RAM start 
                      m_start_addr < m_ram_end; 	// Block addr should be less than RAM end 
                      m_start_addr % 4 == 0;  		// Block addr should be aligned to 4-byte boundary
                      m_end_addr == m_start_addr + m_block_size - 1; };
  constraint c_blk_size { m_block_size inside {64, 128, 512 }; }; 	// Block's size should be either 64/128/512 bytes
  function void display();
    $display ("------ Memory Block --------");
    $display ("RAM StartAddr   = 0x%0h", m_ram_start);
    $display ("RAM EndAddr     = 0x%0h", m_ram_end);
	$display ("Block StartAddr = 0x%0h", m_start_addr);
    $display ("Block EndAddr   = 0x%0h", m_end_addr);
    $display ("Block Size      = %0d bytes", m_block_size);

module tb;
  initial begin
    MemoryBlock mb = new;
    mb.m_ram_start = 32'h0;
    mb.m_ram_end   = 32'h7FF; 		// 2KB RAM


In the example above, we have assumed the RAM to start from 0x0 and end at 0x7FF. The constraint example aims to allocate a block of memory space between this range with a size that is randomly chosen from 64 or 128 or 512 bytes. The start address of the block is randomized to be 0x714 and hence the end addr is 0x753.

Simulation Log
ncsim> run
------ Memory Block --------
RAM StartAddr   = 0x0
RAM EndAddr     = 0x7ff
Block StartAddr = 0x714
Block EndAddr   = 0x753
Block Size      = 64 bytes
ncsim: *W,RNQUIE: Simulation is complete.

Equal partitions of memory

In this example, we'll try to partition the 2KB SRAM into N partitions with each parititon having equal size.

memory partitions with equal sizes

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