1. Jayesh Parmar
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  3. Wednesday, 08 July 2020
How do we resolve NOA null object access error in SOC or IP level complex testbench where there are numerous objects will be created.
one way of doing it below.

print("your obj is null")

Are there any other ways in OVM/UVM to resolve it .??
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Typically, simulation will finish with an error saying the object has a null handle. If your simulator does not do this by default, you can ask the tool vendor to see if there are any command line options that you may need to provide to make it finish when it hits NOA.

NOA happens when a class handle that is neither instantiated nor assigned to another valid object, is used to reference its class member or method.

However another way is to assert that the object is true.

  1. https://www.chipverify.com/systemverilog/systemverilog-class-handle-object
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