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  1. Chen Yong
  2. UVM
  3. Friday, 26 July 2019
I'm running example of virtual-sequencer.zip. I'm curious on examples of uvm_config_db with "default_sequence" and sequence.start, so I changed code "my_pkg.sv" from virtual-sequencer.zip as this:

class base_test extends uvm_test;

// I added this piece of code to use default_sequence as other example shows
function void start_of_simulation_phase(uvm_phase phase);
"default_sequence", m_virt_seq);

// I comment m_virt_seq.start methond to see what happens
virtual task main_phase (uvm_phase phase);
super.main_phase (phase);
//phase.raise_objection (this);
//m_virt_seq.start (m_top_env.m_virt_seqr);
//phase.drop_objection (this);

When I update code with "default_sequence" way, there is no sequence running, compared with previous m_virt_seq.start method. Does this mean with virtual_sequencer/virtual_sequence, the sequence.start is the only way to start it while uvm_config_db with "default_sequence" won't work? thanks
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A virtual sequence/sequencer is just like any other UVM sequence/sequencer but we tag it as "virtual" simply to identify it as a top level sequence capable of running on any sequencer. Setting a default sequence is not the usual way to start a sequence and the sequence start method is the recommended method.

The reason the code may not be running can be because of an objection raise/drop problem or the path to the sequencer may be incorrect or the object type and so on.
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sorry for wrong post on the reply. I have removed my previous reply.
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