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  1. Nayan Naware
  2. UVM
  3. Thursday, 21 February 2019
From the following link i understood how to use uvm_put_imp_decl.

I tried the same in my Scoreboard.

But how to call different write function of respective monitor ?????

`uvm_put_imp_decl (_1)
`uvm_put_imp_decl (_2)

class my_put_imp #(type T=int) extends uvm_component;
uvm_put_imp_1 #(T, my_put_imp #(T)) put_imp1;
uvm_put_imp_2 #(T, my_put_imp #(T)) put_imp2;

function void put_1 (input T t);
// puts coming from put_imp1

function void put_2 (input T t);
// puts coming from put_imp2
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You need to connect put_imp1 to the first monitor and put_imp2 to the second monitor.


Typically monitors have analysis ports and hence it would be better to use `uvm_analysis_imp_decl. In that case, you can have two different analysis implementations for two different monitors.

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