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Can we assign a base class handle which is not created to a extended class handle which is created?
Let say we have -

class A;

class B extends from A;

program main;
A my_a;
B my_b;

my_b = new();
initial begin
A = B; // If we do this what does it mean

//call tasks of A and B

According to me since we are doing my_b = new() it will create objects of B. Here we have only handle of A i.e. my_a so can we assign A = B if so what will it mean and how memory will be created?
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A = B is a wrong statement. They are class definitions and not handles.
However you can do

my_a = my_b; //this is valid.
you cannot do
my_b = my_a ; //this is invalid.
you have to do

when you do my_a = my_b. you can call functions/tasks/variables that are declared in class A.
if you have any functions/tasks declared in class B you cannot do my_a.taskB();
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