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Overriding covergroups


In a previous post, we saw that covergroups are also inherited by child classes and the result of sample() on coverage of both base and child classes. Although we can keep building new covergroups in each derived child class, it would be worth to explore if the same covergroup can be overridden with a new set of coverpoints and bins in the child class.

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Using a custom sample function for functional coverage


The first way to sample covergroups is to specify an event like clock edge or an event handle that can be triggered from elsewhere in the testbench. The second way to sample covergroups is to explicitly call sample() at places where we want the variables to be sampled. The first method is usually preferred for repetitive sampling at regular event triggers. For example, we can sample the variables on every positive edge of the clock or whenever an event called "interrupt" happens. The best way to sample values at a set of specific places in the testbench is to call sample() method as required.

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