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about the let construct in System Verilog ?

about the let construct in System Verilog ?

Many a time I have written functions that end up having only a single line of code in it and wished for a better alternative. System Verilog (1800-2009) has a construct called let that defines a template expression that can be used for customization and text replacement.

The let construct is supposed to be safer since it has a local scope and will not interfere with the global compiler directives. It can also be used as shortcuts for identifiers and expressions.

package my_expressions;
  let sum (a, b) = a + b;
  let max (a, b) = (a > b) ? a : b;
module tb;
  import my_expressions::*;
  bit [7:0] a, b;
  initial begin
    a = $random;
    b = $random;
    $display ("a=%0d b=%0d", a, b);
    $display ("sum = %0d", sum(a, b));
    $display ("Max = %0d", max(a, b));
Simulation Output
ncsim> run
a=36 b=129
sum = 165
Max = 129
ncsim: *W,RNQUIE: Simulation is complete.
how to randomize selected variables only
that you have to reset your register model ?


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Monday, 23 September 2019

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