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  1. Mangali BalaRaju
  2. UVM
  3. Tuesday, 01 August 2017
which data structure is used to store data in the (your) environment and why ?
please answer it iam confusing about these question.
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This looks like a very open ended question. Here are some guidelines if it helps:

  • Use the type bit if you know that the signal will never reach X or Z (applicable for most testbench signals)
  • Use the type logic for signals that have a chance to be X or Z (applicable for signals in an interface)
  • Use the type int for general signals where you don't care for the size
  • Use queues and dynamic arrays when you are not sure of the size of the array required
  • Use static arrays like bit [7:0] mem [8] if you know what size the array should have beforehand
  • Use associative arrays to store data as key - value pairs (a string can be the key, and an int can be the value)
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