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UVM programming seuences

Getting error while starting simulation in modelsim student edition, "Fatal: (vsim-7019) Can't locate a C/C++ compiler for 'DPI Export Compilation'"

why connect phase is bottom to top?

Driver Sequencer hadnshake hung

How can we configure a UVM Verification TB to support Hot Join?


How to calculate Address for the Unaligned Address in AXI Protocol?

Explain Backdoor and Front door register access in RAL ?

In UVM, Why run_phase() execute in parallel ?

Explain the difference in woring frequency and bandwidth of a device ?

Proxy objects and wrappers in UVM

How to get coverage of interface signals which are connected directly from DUT to Scoreboard??

Difference between Scoreboard and Subscriber?

Why in most of the protocols we use Active Low Reset ?

VLSI question

Data structure


Steps for running UVM>Basics>Phases tutorial in modelsim ?


just uvm...

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