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about the UVM queue class ?

about the UVM queue class ?

Yes. UVM has a class-based dynamic queue that can be allocated on demand, passed and stored by reference. Eventhough uvm_queue is a parameterized class extended from uvm_object, it is not registered with the factory and hence invocation of new() function is the correct way to create a queue object.

Also, UVM provides a global singleton queue instance by the name m_global_queue which can be retrieved via get_global_queue() method. This allows items to be shared amongst components throughout the verification environment.

class uvm_queue #(type T = int) extends uvm_object;
  typedef uvm_queue #(T) this_type;
  static local this_type m_global_queue;
  protected T queue[$];
  static function this_type get_global_queue();

In the following example, we'll see how to use a queue in real UVM code.

  class my_data extends uvm_sequence_item;
    // my custom data object
  class my_test extends uvm_test;
    uvm_queue #(my_data)     my_q;
    virtual task main_phase (uvm_phase phase);
      // Create a new object and assign to handle my_q
      my_q = new ("my_q");
      my_data tmp = my_data::type_id::create ("tmp");
      my_q.push_back (tmp);

Here are a few examples on how to use some of the popular methods of the uvm_queue class.

  my_data obj = my_q.get (i);      // where i can be an integer 0 to my_q.size()
  qsize = my_q.size ();           // Get number of elements in the queue
  obj = get_global (5);           // Get the item at index 5 from the global queue
  my_q = get_global_queue();      // Get handle to the global queue
  my_q.insert (4, obj);           // Insert obj at index 4
  my_q.delete ();                 // Delete all elements in the queue
  my_q.delete (2);                // Delete element at index 2
  obj = my_q.pop_front ()         // Pop the item at the front of the queue
  obj = my_q.pop_back ()          // Pop the item at the back of the queue
  my_q.push_back (obj);           // Push the object to the back of the queue
  my_q.push_front (obj);          // Push the object to the front of the queue
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